Tari Thiery

Upper School Science
Estancia Valley Classical Academy (Edgewood, New Mexico)

Tari Thiery earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Indiana University and a master’s from New Mexico Tech. While homeschooling her three sons in the classical tradition she founded Thiery Science Academy, teaching biology, chemistry and physics courses to home-educated students for eight years. In early 2013, she and her husband, Tim, discovered Hillsdale's newly formed Barney Charter School Initiative and were compelled to move across country to work at one of the first BCSI schools, seeing it as an adventure to be dedicated to the necessary cause of the classical movement in public education. She is an avid cyclist and wilderness camper.

“I am enlivened by the opportunities to lead my students in a joyful puzzling out of difficult topics toward the goal of gaining a robust appreciation of the complexity and order inherent in nature that we humans have been able to discover through the process of science.”