Reviving the American Tradition of K-12 Education

At Hillsdale College, we believe every child can benefit from an American classical education rooted in the liberal arts and sciences, offering a firm grounding in civic virtue, and cultivating moral character.

The College provides curriculum, training, and resources for public schools, private schools, and families. We collaborate with parents, teachers, school leaders, board members, and policy makers to found and support a nationwide network of classical schools that revive the American tradition of K-12 education.  A thoughtfully selected group of excellent schools serve as examples for the nation as “Hillsdale Member Schools.”

All assistance the K-12 Education Office provides is free of charge.


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The College’s K-12 outreach provides free training and resources to educators and families across the country.

Resources for Hillsdale Member Schools

Access resources for teachers, leaders, and board members at Hillsdale Member Schools.

Resources for K-12 Educators

Access resources for current and aspiring educators and private and public schools.

Resources for Prospective School Founders

Interested in starting a school? Hillsdale College helps selected founding groups across the country with school startups.

Resources for Families

Learn more about classical education and find resources to support children's education at home.

Inside a Hillsdale Classical School

Watch this video to discover how Hillsdale classical schools cultivate excellence in K-12 education.