Hillsdale College’s K-12 curriculum is content-rich, balanced, and strong, with emphasis upon the four core disciplines of math, science, literature, and history, with attention to music, art, physical education, and foreign languages.

Developed through the work of the College and with contributions from Hillsdale's Member Schools, the K-12 Program Guide is an excellent and thoughtfully designed K-12 course of study in the liberal arts and sciences.

The K-12 Program Guide provides a scope of the topics to be taught, a sequence in which to teach them, and a complement of vetted and reviewed books, primary sources, and other resources for teachers and students using the guide.

The K-12 Program Guide is available to Hillsdale Member Schools and Curriculum Schools.


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K-12 Curriculum at a Glance

The Hillsdale College K-12 Program Guide provides a comprehensive scope and sequence that lays a strong foundation in the key subjects and slowly builds towards mastery. Graduates should be well prepared intellectually, morally, and civically, regardless of future vocations.


Year at a Glance

The K-12 Program Guide is unique in offering a comprehensive plan of instruction from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Guided by the liberal arts, the K-12 curriculum follows stages of learning appropriate to students' development and a spiraling structure that allows for recurrent examination of subjects throughout a student's career.


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Books in Our Curriculum

Hillsdale's curriculum provides a well-rounded course of study in the liberal arts and sciences. Some of the surest guides for this quest are the great works of literature, philosophy, politics, and art that mankind has produced, which teach us about human nature and the human good, along with the serious study of mathematics and the sciences, which teach us about the natural order. The books in our curriculum are carefully picked to achieve these goals. Click below to see a sample of books recommended in the K-12 Program Guide, including books that students read and some we recommend for teachers to learn more about their subjects. 


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The K-12 Program Guide is available to Hillsdale’s affiliated schools. Fill out the form to request a free sample.

For information about how to apply for Hillsdale’s support for your K-12 school, or to license the K-12 Program Guide, contact us at [email protected].