The Henry Salvatori Prize for Excellence in Teaching

In response to the widespread decline in American K-12 education, the late Henry Salvatori established a permanent endowment at Hillsdale College to recognize exceptional classroom teaching nationwide. A longtime friend of the College, Mr. Salvatori admired Hillsdale’s principled refusal of federal taxpayer subsidies and its classical liberal arts curriculum.

The Salvatori Prize has three objectives:

  • to focus attention on teaching, which is the core ingredient of effective education reform
  • to support deserving schools with funds for books, equipment, and other educational material
  • to promote the principles of classical liberal arts education

The first Henry Salvatori Prize for Excellence in Teaching was presented in the fall of 1996. Each year a $25,000 award is made payable to the winning school’s tax-exempt 501(c)(3) institution. This money may be used for books, equipment, and other educational material. It may not be applied to salaries, stipends, or endowments.

To apply, download the application below and email to [email protected]. Applications are due January 15, 2024. 




All public and private schools whose teaching draws upon the best traditions of Western education and have an associated 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization are eligible to apply. For more information on eligibility requirements and evaluation criteria, please refer to the application. For a copy of Hillsdale's K-12 Best Practices, email [email protected]

Previous Salvatori Prize Winners

The schools below are recent winners of the Henry Salvatori Prize for Excellence in Teaching. Visit the "School Locations" page to view a map of recent Salvatori Prize winners.

  • Atlanta Classical Academy, 2023 Salvatori Prize winner
  • Treasure Valley Classical Academy, 2022 Salvatori Prize winner
  • Seven Oaks Classical School, 2022 Salvatori Prize winner
  • Sacred Heart Academy, 2021 Salvatori Prize winner
  • Golden View Classical Academy, 2020 Salvatori Prize winner
  • Atlanta Classical Academy, 2019 Salvatori Prize winner
  • Golden View Classical Academy, 2018 Salvatori Prize Winner

About Henry Salvatori

As an immigrant to the United States, Henry Salvatori viewed America as the land of opportunity, and his life of hard work and principled convictions embodied the American spirit. As founder of the Western Geophysical Company, he developed important new oil exploration technology. Throughout his life, he invested the rewards of his enterprise 
in projects that teach young people about America’s founding principles and institutions.

Mr. Salvatori deeply desired to help young Americans gain an understanding of individual rights, limited government, and the moral foundations of American constitutionalism. His extraordinary generosity toward Hillsdale College established the Henry Salvatori Chair in History and the Henry Salvatori Prize for Excellence in Teaching.