Professional Development for Teachers Across the Country

Building upon the mission of Hillsdale College's K-12 Education Office, the Charles R. and Kathleen K. Hoogland Center for Teacher Excellence (CTE) expands the reach of Hillsdale College’s message of classical curricula and subject mastery to a nationwide audience of teachers. Seminars are open to all teachers.

Upcoming Seminars

September 27, 2024
Indianapolis, IN – The Art of Teaching: Children’s Literature

October 25, 2024
Houston, TX – The Art of Teaching: Mathematics

November 1, 2024
St. Louis, MO – The Art of Teaching: Science

January 31, 2025
Orlando, FL – The Art of Teaching: American History

February 28, 2025
Orange County, CA – The Art of Teaching: Literature, Upper School

March 14, 2025
Cincinnati, OH – The Art of Teaching: Grammar

April 11, 2025
Boise, ID – TBD

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Public Resources from Past Events

The Art of Teaching Mathematics  |  November 2023

Thomas Treloar: How to Think About Mathematics
Carrie O'Brien: Practical Tips for Teaching Mathematics
Jonathan Gregg: Asking Great Questions in Math
Nikki Teeple: Playing Games in Mathematics Class


The Art of Teaching Children's Literature  |  September 2023

Julie Apel: The Art of Teaching
Benjamin Beier: Some Good Books for Children and the Childlike
Benjamin Beier: The Genius of Mother Goose
Daniel Coupland: The Formative Power of Children’s Literature
Daniel Coupland: Friendship in The Wind in the Willows
David Whalen: The Beauty of the Poetic Imagination
Benedict Whalen: How to Teach a Poem
Jonathan Gregg: Teaching Wonder-Fully
Daniel Coupland: Tried and True Pedagogy

Past Seminars

Over 3,600 public, private, and homeschool teachers from 42 states have participated in in more than 70 CTE seminars in fifteen states. Past topics include:

  • The Art of Teaching American History
  • The Art of Teaching The Sciences
  • The Art of Teaching Mathematics
  • The Art of Teaching Children's Literature
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Constitution of the United States
  • George Washington and the American Founding
  • The First Amendment, Religious Liberty, and the American Founding
  • Economics and the American Founding
  • Lincoln and the Civil War
  • The American Civil Rights Movement
  • The Legacy of Lincoln
  • The Cold War: Understanding America’s Clash with Communism
  • Economics and the Environment
  • Life, Liberty, and Property: Globalization and the Commercial Republic
  • Progressives and the American Regime
  • Winston Churchill and the Virtues of Statesmanship
  • Free Markets and the Constitution
  • The American Regime and Administrative State

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