Resources for Teachers, Leaders, and Administrators at Hillsdale Member Schools

Working at a Hillsdale Member School? You have free access to curriculum, conferences, podcasts, a vast online library of resources, and more for you to explore. See below for links to resources. 

Not at a Hillsdale Member School? Check out resources available for free to all K-12 Educators.

The K-12 Education Office has thousands of online resources, from videos to lesson plan samples to primary source documents. Talk to your school leader about how to access these resources.

K12 Library

Additional Resources

The K-12 History & Civics Curriculum

The K-12 History & Civics Curriculum is a free comprehensive K-12 American history and civics curriculum.

Literacy Essentials

Literacy Essentials is an Orton-based K-3 literacy curriculum published by Hillsdale College.

Tried & True Book

Tried & True: A Primer on Sound Pedagogy, a book by Dr. Dan Coupland provides practical pedagogical advice to all teachers in a concise format.

Center for Teacher Excellence

The Hoogland Center for Teacher Excellence brings free conferences on K-12 education to cities across the country, open to all teachers.

The Classical Classroom

The Classical Classroom is the K-12 Education Office's blog, where staff, professors, and teachers from across the network write about classical education.


Classical Education Podcast

Hosted by Scot Bertram, the Classical Education Podcast explores all things classical—from curriculum to the inside of a classroom.

Online Courses

Hillsdale College's online courses are beautifully produced free courses on topics ranging from economics and history to literature and classical education.

Masters in Classical Education

Hillsdale's Graduate School of Classical Education seeks to prepare students for careers in classical education—whether in leadership, teaching, or administration.


Our newsletters for teachers, administrators, and board members provide useful resources and information! If you are at a Hillsdale Member School and aren't receiving your newseletter, email [email protected].

Jobs in Hillsdale Member Schools

Hillsdale Member Schools can post their jobs on our job board. Email [email protected] to get started.

Classical School Job Fair

Every February, Hillsdale College hosts the Classical School Job Fair, where classical schools from across the country have the opportunity to speak with, interview, and hire Hillsdale College students.

Salvatori Prize

The Salvatori Prize for Excellence in Teaching recognizes one excellent school per year with a $25,000 prize.