Gabrielle Lewis

Classical Pedagogy Trainer

B.A., Religion, Hillsdale College

Gabrielle Lewis is a classical pedagogy trainer for the K-12 Education Office. As a classical pedagogy trainer, Gabbi leads communities of teachers and helps to build relationships among the national network of classical educators within Hillsdale College Member Schools.  She leads professional development sessions, conducts classroom observations, and provides feedback to teachers and school leaders. Prior to joining the K-12 Office, Gabbi taught 5th grade, was the grammar school dean of academics, then the lower school principal at a classical charter school in Spring Hill, Florida.

What is the most inspiring part of your job?
American classical education is a grass roots movement that will fundamentally change the future of our nation for the better. The opportunity to be a part of its growth through supporting teachers and school leaders, which will ultimately influence scholars from all across the country is more humbling and exciting than words can say!”

Favorite classical quote:
“Yet learning increases inborn worth, and righteous ways make strong the heart.” —Horace