Teaching Classically

Simply put, a good school is about good teachers—teachers who love their students and their subjects. Hillsdale Member Schools hire and train great teachers while offering them the support and freedom to excel at their craft. 


Teaching for Love

At the most basic level, the essential purposes of teaching are love of the subject and love of students. Hillsdale classical schools seek teachers that radiate these qualities—teachers who desire to know and to share that knowledge with students.

We want to get back to fundamentals, to teaching and education as they were meant to be.


Teaching for Knowledge & Virtue

For three decades, Hillsdale College has shared its mission to develop the minds and improve the hearts of students by offering a K-12 course of study modeled on our collegiate curriculum.

Hillsdale classical schools offer a robust education in the liberal arts and sciences that cultivates students in moral character and civic virtue. Our school communities are working together in pursuit of the highest things—of truth, goodness, and beauty. Our teachers work from a stable and strong curricular foundation that elevates and encourages the particular abilities of each teacher while ensuring a common framework for student development. 

"What I love most about teaching is the relationships I'm building and the impact I'm making. I remember my kindergarten teacher, and I want my students to be able to look back and remember that they were loved and cherished in my classroom."

-Faith Galwey, Kindergarten Teacher, Jacksonville Classical Academy

Teaching as a Profession

Teachers are the most important part of Hillsdale classical schools. They are answering the high calling of imparting civilization—language, knowledge, and virtue—to the next generation. Teachers craft their own lessons, and they are given the authority and respect to manage their classrooms. They are supported by school leaders and fellow teachers at their campus and beyond who seek to improve their craft together and who desire to share in a community of academic discipline, knowledge, and wonder.

We encourage all teachers of common purpose to join us. Visit “Career Opportunities” to see how you can be involved in this good work.


Teaching with Support

Part of Hillsdale's work is bringing together teachers from across our nationwide network. Our annual conference, virtual support, in-person visits, and other initiatives help connect teachers to others like them across the country. Teachers can exchange ideas, see how another teacher or school works, and form a community with people doing the same important work. 

Hillsdale College provides teachers at its Member Schools with a variety of training and resource opportunities, including the following:

  • Extensive on-site professional development for new schools
  • Monthly conference calls, led by K-12 Education staff and master teachers in our network
  • An online library of curriculum and pedagogical resources
  • Annual Conference in American Classical Education for all Member School teachers and staff, held at Hillsdale College
  • Regular newsletters featuring updates, links to resources, and tips throughout the year
  • In-person visits and feedback from the Hillsdale K-12 Education staff
  • Connections to the network of teachers and staff at Hillsdale schools nationwide



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